Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The look of love - or not

Day 23... sorry, just let me check..... yes, 23 indeed. 

You know when someone does or says something and your whole perception of them changes? Yes, like when David Beckham first opened his mouth to talk and you thought "OMG, the man has no testicles!" Or when Renee Zell-wotsit played Bridget Jones in the movie and you realised that she was, actually, very good and pulled the whole persona off better than you had thought possible?

Hey, well, I have just had a similar experience. Except this time the boot was on the other foot, as in I was the recipient of changed perception.

Picture this: am leaving to go home, I get my bag and coat (sounds like the first line to a song, doesn't it? Or am I confusing it with 'Leaving on a jet plane'? ... never mind). A new colleague comments about my range of jackets, stating that he has never seen such a variety (sheltered life, what can I say). I joke about the one I am wearing on this occasion. 
"It is my roadkill sample," I say, gesturing at the fur collar. 

"Is is real?" he asks incredulously.

"Of course," I say, and we proceed to examine the labels inside said garment to determine what animal sacrificed its life to adorn my neck. Marmot, in case you were wondering.

Cue look of horror from another fellow worker sitting at adjacent desk. He is a vegetarian. We had all been out to get lunch together and he was very chatty and quite friendly.

He has not even said hello to me since.

But the punch line belongs to the aforementioned colleague.

"My grandfather was a pelt trader," he concluded. "He always said classy women wore fur."

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  1. Yes! Yes! I knew it, I am classy!
    And by admitting publicly to wear fur, I am sure I have just lost half of my readership.


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