Monday, 21 December 2009

Keeping mum

Day 29, two more days to go.

What do you do when you have a rather large present for a child that needs to be kept hidden from view until Xmas day? You put it somewhere it will not be found. 

I bet you can guess where this is going.

Other Half put said present - for Blossom, no less - in the bathroom of the guest bedroom. 
I thought this was a rather silly place and said as much, proposing the back garden where the children are highly unlikely to venture given current weather conditions. My proposal was summarily dismissed.

So the kids play hide-and-seek on Saturday morning and hey presto - guess what? Found it. Cue improvisation skills by Other Half. He tells Mr Man and Blossom that they have to keep a secret as it is a present for one of the neighbour's children and their daddy brought it round to hide it from her. They seemed to have bought this, although we cannot be sure as a) the neighbours are actually away (hence removing temptation), and b) Blossom's notion of keeping a secret is to tell only one person at a time.

So when Other Half returned from his Xmas shopping expedition yesterday and told the kids he had bought mummy's present, they demanded to see it. 

"I won't tell anyone," said Blossom.

"Was that wise?" I asked Other Half.

"Don't worry," he replied, "I showed her a can of deodorant that I bought in the 3 for 2 offer at Boots."

Which I guess begs the question of what I might expect under the tree this year.

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