Saturday, 19 December 2009

Here come the girls. I think.

Day 27, and the final countdown is on.

Finally the weekend. I feel like I have been back on the commuter treadmill for aaaaaaages now, despite it being only a mere 3 weeks since I was launched back into the workforce with such speed.

However, I think it is also fair to note that my training regime (note - I have a countdown ticker to the triathlon on the blog in case you had not been paying attention) has suffered a serious setback as a consequence. This is something not lost on Other Half - cue a few sarcastic remarks - and Brazilian Babe girlfriend (BB) who is my training partner.

So I am aiming to amend the situation. No waiting for the new year and associated resolutions, there is a need here and now to up the ante and increase the frequence of training sessions. Think I am kidding? The mere notion that I last did some exercise (a short run) over two weeks ago has become my own personal guilt trip. Sad, no?

Anyway, kick start today with a Ten Pilates session (date of last attendance November 26, I think) with BB. Am all pumped up and ready to go. A phone call. Do I have some laundry powder/tablets/liquid I can bring round to her place before we head off to the class (she lives 30 seconds from my front door)? Yes, of course, I reply. I have run out, she says, and have some stuff in the machine that seriously needs washing.

And my brain starts to tick over. What could possibly be so urgent that it cannot wait until the shops open? Mud? Make-up? Vomit? Dog poo?

I quiz her before she can even greet me (bear in mind I have not seen her either since work commenced). "What cannot wait?" I ask, making a beeline for her washing machine to inspect (yes, I am that charming a friend).
"Oh, you know, just stuff," she replies.
"What, did you have a roll in fox shit or something that makes it smell so bad?"
"No, I have been painting the walls and sorting out the wooden flooring, and all the dirty rags and pieces of clothing are in there and I ran out of detergent".
"No smelly training kit?"
"No. I have become increasingly unfit since you started work again. Did you think you were the only one?"

What can I say? Strength in numbers.

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