Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Getting into the Xmas spirit - my way

Day 24 - on the home straight now of the daily post (tell me, you will miss this regular rant session, won't you? WON'T YOU?)

Anyway, tube journey in this morning and I end up with the weirdo next to me. It always happens, doesn't it? You see them from a distance and you say to yourself, "Not me please, not me, please do not sit/stand/hover next to me". But they do. It is definitely a homing device implanted somewhere on my being that results in a large beckoning halo of welcome over my head. One that says, in neon lights, "Sucker for punishment, I will give you directions/answer your pleas/feed your children/put up with your antics/tolerate your TOO LOUD MUSIC/smelly food/body odour/etc etc etc".

Of course that all changes as soon as I bite their head off in a fit of transport rage, but I digress.

Weirdo man is wearing a business suit, carrying his laptop in a bag, and wearing a full body length waterproof coat, ie all the way down to his ankles, complete with zipped up hood (which, of course, is covering his head so just his eyes and nose are visible and can furthermore be zipped all the way up so none of his features are showing). Now bear in mind the tube was packed, and despite the arctic conditions outside was quite, well toasty by this time, you would think that at the very least he would take his hood down?
No, he zipped it up further. And stood a little too close for comfort.

What to do? The obvious of course. Tell him in no uncertain terms that you are recovering from swine flu, and such proximity may not be a good idea.

He got off at the next stop.

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  1. Success accessing the blog! Yippeeee. Off now to catch up on what I missed. x


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