Wednesday, 2 December 2009

And for my next trick, I will morph into a goldfish

Day 10 (Iota, you have my admiration already, it is increasing by the day with these posts now)

So - fresh start (yippee), new office (bright and s p a c i o u s), different colleagues (very pleasant and professional), variation on tube journey.

So far so good.

Except. When you take the wrong turning out of the underground and walk around in circles saying to yourself, "It must be here, the direct entrance to the building that I remember from last time..." for about 10 minutes. And eventually retrace your steps, emerge above ground, and look for map to figure out where the devil you are supposed to be.

Except. When you hang around the sliding doors guarding each floor trying to look nonchalant (shuffle papers, look at messages on phone, stare into outer space like you are thinking really interesting thoughts), hoping that someone will come along soon and enable you to go out/come in as your visitor pass is still the only ID you have and does not have "Open Sesame" powers. Thank heavens this does not apply to the loos or we I would be in real trouble. Of the cross-legged variety.

Except. When you are graciously offered a locker with key so as to avoid lugging your brick of a laptop back and forth every day and thus risking putting your back out (once more). And then fail miserably to find it again a mere half hour later.

Cue LCM walking (after gaining surreptitious access, see above) round and round and round and round the floor - granted it was one lower than where I had been working, but layout is the same - until by the 5th lap some of the people that had not been paying attention - thankfully - started to wonder if I was the local nutter pretending to be a goldfish for an afternoon.

Did I find the locker? Did I heck. Lugged the bloody thing home again. And picked up 4 children along the way, 3 bikes, 2 schoolbags and lunch boxes to boot. But I was still smiling by the end, promise.


  1. I remember having that issue with work - each floor looks the same and I've got lost heaps of time

  2. I am simply Superb at looking Nonchalent and Busy...looks like you are too. Phew. Nothing worse than looking like a complete prat.
    And how on god's earth did you CARRY all that stuff home? Like children and stuff. Well done. xx

  3. What a day. Sounds just like the first day of a new school. Except for having to be mummy at night as well. You must have slept well.

  4. Hang in there, hang in there. It's worth it at the end...


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