Monday, 30 November 2009

The X in X-Factor

Day 8 of my daily post effort

This year I have not followed X-Factor. In fact I have only ever followed it once, last year. Between that and Strictly Come Dancing my Saturday nights last year were - I kid you not- verging on the obsessive. Laundry duties have since taken over, as regular readers will know.

That aside, I did watch the show a couple of weeks ago and was struck by how the pop factory that is Mr Cowell and co have singularly failed to provide us lesser humans (ie those who would fail at the audition trials, let alone attempt to enter in the first place) with translators for those contestants who talk so fast and so garbled they make comedians like Michael McIntyre seem positively s l o w in their delivery.

Not sure what I mean? Have a look at this then for an interview.

And please spare me the "she's young and fun and full of life" comments.
I need a translator!

The X in X-Factor? I give you the Devil's Dictionary's definition:


1. a useless letter of Greek origin duplicated and easily replaced by other letters.
2. a thing lacking in identity, or quantity.
3. David Duchovny.

I rest my case. Know what I mean, innit?


  1. Without wanting to sound like my own mother... What us the world coming to! Lol

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  3. Oh, bless our Stacey's heart... I know, I know... the dear girl cant speak Proper... but she makes us giggle each week when she starts off on one of her views of how she's doing.
    Reality tv is a strange thing indeed... if you dont watch it, you can quite rightly stay on the moral high ground, and if you do watch it, it's bloomin addictive. I remain on the moral high ground for I'm a Celebrity... havent yet watched that... but am hopelessly addicted to X factor and Strictly. What WILL become of me...xx

  4. Do they have a couple of dead sound recording people behind the sofa? Or the producer's next casting couch victim waiting her turn? What is it?


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