Thursday, 26 November 2009

The wisdom of Widget

Day 4 of my own daily post effort.

Widget bursts into our bedroom this morning as I am stumbling out of bed. The following conversation ensues:

Widget - Mummy, when can we get a very fast sports car?

LCM (brain not entirely engaged yet for witty repartee with a 4yo) - Errrmmm... when mummy has lots and lots of money?

W (not missing a beat) - You can have my money!

LCM (still waking up) - Oh sweetie, that's very kind of you, thank you.

W - Yes, but you have to give it back.

I suddenly had a vision of him as a bank manager in years to come.


  1. Better that than an investment banker, of course... (I say this as the wife of an ex-ib, obviously)

  2. He's destined to win the Apprentice. To be rivalled only by Adam who is also a born negotiater, managing to negotiate from a stance of zero strength.

  3. There you go... that child will definitely be rich when old. Which means you'll get looked after too. Marvellous! x


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