Friday, 27 November 2009

The things you do to pass time (and the silly thoughts that pass through my head)

Day 5 of my own daily post effort

This week saw me up on the Kings Road, shooting the breeze with Widget as we enjoy our last few days together before he returns to nursery full time and I join the commuter throng again.

After the usual tour around PJ's (total spend, £11.95, very tame I thought) and some other shops that I managed to drag him in to and out of without damage trailing in our wake, we sat down in Duke of York Square and Widget munched his way through his packed lunch while I did some people spotting.

Or rather, some Yummy Mummy spotting.

In the space of time it took my youngest to finish off a ham and cheese sandwich, a sausage roll, a fruity flapjack, pack of raisins and an entire apple, this is a sample of what passed by:

(N.B. In the interest of anonymity I have applied where necessary very fashionable bug-eye sunglasses, so no nasty emails about privacy and copyright and what-not please, ok?)

Yummy Mummy no.1:

Yummy Mummy no.2:

And no.3:

Nos. 4 & 5:

No. 6:

Oh, no, sorry, that was the Filipino nanny.

And there were many, many more when we jumped on the bus (adventure, yippee!) to head homewards:

Obsessed? Possibly. But not what you may think. It's the jeans/trousers and boots thing! I wanted to jump up and ask them "How do you do it?"
How do you manage to wear long boots over your trousers and still zip them up? Are yours pseudo-trousers that in true fact are cut off below the knee? Are they a shrink-wrapped version that moulds to your leg before you put your footwear on? Are they in actual fact - horror, shock - leggings? Or are your boots expandable in some manner, in a weird leather/lycra mix that I have never come across yet?
How come I can only wear my boots either under my trousers (if they will then go over them, in which case why bother) or with a dress or skirt, and even then struggle madly to do the zip up (lying on my back with legs in the air) and painfully take the first few steps to 'accommodate' the fat re-distribution of my calves?

So never mind the fact that these women all looked gorgeous, scrubbed and polished to the nines and probably have never had to tackle a pile of laundry in their life, I want to know how this boot business works.

Ideas, anyone?


  1. I haven't got a chance in hell of getting my legs into boots with trousers too. It's impossible.

    Even if I was vacuum packed ...

  2. That question has had me wondering for years now. Although with Mummy No4 it's obvious - she's anorexic. We have a matching one at the school gates. Her boots-over-jeans are too wide and flop down because there is room to spare!

    I manage it only with leggings, but then I obviously have to wear a skirt as well, otherwise the ass/thigh bobble would end the world in complete armageddon.

    Good question. Do share the answer with the rest of us when you get it.

  3. They don't in fact have legs... they have poles. Inserted into feet to make boot wearing look easy.
    LOVE the pics!! Brilliant post. Had me chuckling over my tea. xx

  4. Hey! I am one said freak! Or not! Jeans in boots is my tatoo and I can assure u I'm perfectly normal. Topshop straight jeans and normal boots if u r really interested... Clarks actually

    Good luck with going back to work...

  5. I think you may have snapped my sister in law ... it is her stamping ground

    Have you not heard of jeggings? look like jeans, thin like leggings and Dotty P's does them for very little (not that I'm daring to wear mine until I've got rid of a little more of the baby weight) but they are very flattering


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