Sunday, 29 November 2009

Hi ho, hi ho, it's (back) off to work I go

Day 7 of the daily post effort (are you sick of reading this yet? I have already lost track and have to keep reverting to earlier posts to see what number I am up to)

Right, here we go again. Once more into the foray that is the magimix of commuter hell (because you finish your journey as the sum of multiple parts, not all of them yours to start with) and the madness of the career ladder.
Not so sure about the career ladder bit really, time will tell, but this new venture should see the bank balance replenished somewhat so that at the very least I can do away with the 'cheap' option at the supermarket rather than the normal selection of pre-redundancy days.

Having said that, it will also mean reverting back to ordering on line, now that I think of it, as the days of shopping mid-week will be a thing of the past. Wonder if I can remember my password? Am sure it has expired.

So, a list to tick off as I prepare to go forth:

  • packed lunches for Mr Man and Blossom - check
  • PE bags for same - check
  • bookbags - check
  • clean school uniforms - check
  • matching pairs of shoes - check
  • bike helmets - check
  • high viz jackets - check
  • keys for bike locks - check
  • lights for bike journey home - check
  • own handbag - check (although not sure of contents yet, mental note to take out go-gos, colouring pencils and plastic car)
  • workbag for shoes, book, other 'stuff' - check (note that shoes are still absent, tbd depending on outfit choice, see next point)
  • clean outfit for first day in office - check (actually that's a lie as have no idea what I am going to wear until I open cupboard and stare vacantly at contents for five minutes in the morning)
  • phone, preferably charged - check
  • reading glasses - check
  • sufficient food in cupboard/fridge to avoid visit to shops en route home so we can have some semblance of dinner - check
  • milk for breakfast, ditto - check
  • dishwasher ready to go - check
  • washing in machine/dryer - check (definitely have a laundry obsession, no two ways about it)
  • KEYS TO HOUSE - check
There, all done.

Except I forgot one thing:
  • next blog post(s) ready to go - check
Am thinking of this as being a bit like preparation for lengthy absence from home, eg. when you cook and freeze meals so you don't worry about your family going hungry whilst you are away.

Except this is more a case of writing up various future blog posts to different degrees of completion and then 'hoping' a minimum of editing will suffice before I hit the 'publish' key.

Will be known henceforth as LCM BOTG (blogger on the go).


  1. Good luck with it! Don't forget your marbles when you run out the door, because that is what I would promptly lose having to deal with that much stuff at the same time. x

  2. Mwa - thank you! I carry a spare bag for the marbles and leave it by the front door next to my handbag.

    Problem is when I exit the house without either of them...

    LCM x


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