Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The curse of nativity plays

Day 3 of my own daily post effort.

Most amused by LWM's recent post on this Xmas-related topic. I never quite made it to acorn status in my primary school nativity plays, but I was a wave once in the production of the Sorcerer's Apprentice. I even have a photo to prove it:

That's me on the far right of the picture. Apologies for the quality, but we are talking 1970s here. Am sure you can see the similarities with my LCM caricature, yes? No? Never mind. Suffice to say we wore some sort of synthetic kaftan in cerulean blue to which were stapled strips of green/dark blue/turquoise crepe paper. Put me off acrylic for life. And outside of the mothers who created the costumes, no one had the foggiest idea who we were or what we were doing. Some sort of female circular ritual involving shiny material.

However, as part of my drive to be particularly and conscientiously maternal before heading back into the rat race, I am very proud to state here that I have made the costumes for Mr Man and Blossom's roles in the forthcoming nativity play this year.

I give you (drum roll please):

A king's crown. Good, yes? Was most impressed with myself.

And then I made this:

Yes, I know it looks like a t-shirt with cotton wool stuck to it (ingeniously with sticky-back velcro), but that's what the instructions from the school said! I have not shown it to Blossom yet as she will probably refuse to wear it. Can hardly blame her (at least it will not itch like my 1970s wave costume).

Oh, sorry, what is it? A cloud, stupid!


  1. I love the king's crown, and I feel so sorry for your girl for having to be a clowd. (I'm still scarred from being an egg.)

  2. Hugely impressed with efforts... thankfully don't have to make acorn outfit... phew. WHAT is the blue t-shirt for???!!!x


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