Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A case of smugness

After much faffing - in which Other Half claims I am Olympic Champion, I say it takes one to know one - I have produced the revised caricature which now adorns the front page of the blog.

And I am so pleased with my efforts I am reproducing it here for greater effect as the smaller details do not show up in the everyday version.

Can I just add, in case you were wondering, that the adorning clothes are not truly 'me'. In fact I have managed to make myself look like a Laura Ashley advert.

In real life of course I am the epitome of a sleek and highly fashionable business woman.

Quiet in the back there!

Oh, and by the by - Iota has laid down the gauntlet in the competition now, so there is a true challenge afoot to submit a superior entry before Sunday's deadline.


  1. My daughter came up to me earlier, pointed at the earlier version of that picture and went "lady's on the computer." So at least it's clear. :-) I like the addition of the picture. Very nice.


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