Monday, 12 October 2009

M.I.A. - or not, as the case may be

Just in case you were starting to think I had gone missing in action and fallen seriously behind with regular blog posts, I am pleased to state that this is not the case although a nasty case of bronchitis has laid me low for a few days.

The downside of this (depends on your point of view I suppose) is that I:
a. had to bail on the farcical interview, now rescheduled for this Wednesday - so watch this space;
b. am seriously considering whether I will need to drop out of the Great South Run on Oct 25th as my training schedule is very sorely lacking in "miles under the belt" and although I do not have an issue with running 16km, the persistent gurgling in my chest might prove a slight impediment;
c. have been busy composing blogs in my head but not putting pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard as the case may be).

The upside - and there is always one - is that I have become a 'paper tart' as you may have noticed from the link in the top right of the LCM page, and now have a regular blog in the Evening Standard online. There is a backlog of some dozen posts or so at present, hence they are slightly 'behind the times' for the moment, but will undoubtedly soon catch up.

The challenge with the ES is to keep my posts to around 200 words each.... already exceeded here.


  1. Wow - wee! A like proper blogger. On a paper and everything. Congrats and hope you are feeling a bit better.x

  2. congratulations, that's fantastic news!


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