Friday, 16 October 2009

Job hunting - a different perspective

Countdown to my second interview with prospective new employer. I am told by the headhunter that this will be more of a 'formality', a very generic two-way discussion, more for them to find out where I can potentially fit into their programme. It will be with a panel of some 4 to 5 people, all senior stakeholders, one of whom is the overall person in charge.

Re-reading those last lines it sounds like I am signing up to a NASA project.

Either way, I am now going through my checklist in the lead up to the actual event. Now don't get me wrong here, I love interviews. Something about the person on the other side of the table and the fact that (typically) I know nothing about them, and all they have is my CV and references to go by, makes it a little bit like going on a first date.

How so? Think about it.

  • You take great care in wearing the right outfit, not too serious, not too outrageous, smart but individual
  • You do your homework and find out what you can about the other individual and/or the company they keep
  • You make a note of questions you would like answers to
  • You are on best behaviour
  • You trust your gut instinct as to whether your potential partner is genuine or a complete waste of time
  • You decide pretty quickly whether you a) are interested, b) wish to meet up again, or c) need an exit strategy asap.
So how do you adapt this when facing a panel of potentially 5 blokes? Turn on the charm? Try to be witty? Say something they will remember, an amusing anecdote perhaps?

All I can say at present is that I hope my recently-acquired cold does not hamper matters. I am now having regular sneezing fits that are scaring even the children. How ironic would it be to find myself rejected for a job on the basis that my nose overtook proceedings?

Ait-choooooo! Watch this space.


  1. I used to love oral exams (no euphemism - the kind where a professor questions you about what you studied) for similar reasons.

  2. Hope it all goes well. It's quite exciting!

  3. my first employer used to say: "if you have to pick between two equally smart chicks, better get the hot one, since you are going to pay the same money, anyway" .okay, he was a builder... but most guys think the same way, and at the end of the day, dressed up or mudded up, they are still guys. so.... yes, just like a date. i would call it more likely a 'blind date' on your side.
    so.... play smart (duh) just with that little itty bitty touch of girlyness! finger crossed here on the other side of the ocean!


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