Monday, 19 October 2009

And the score so far

So there I am, all primed and ready to go, looking the true professional businesswoman, up on the most recent news and market movements, fully briefed as to the latest company decisions and economies of scale, chomping at the bit as I prepare myself to face a grueling panel of interviewers and impress them with my background, knowledge and experience.

Half an hour later and I was back on the street on the phone to the headhunter.

"Already done?" he asked, incredulous.

"You could say so," I replied. "Let me just put it this way," I continued, "I am not impressed."

In a nutshell, the big shebang of a panel of decision-makers who had rescheduled my meeting so that they could all attend and (supposedly) block out a couple of hours from their calendar to devote their full attention to me - under the pretense of finding out where I would best fit in and add value to the organisation - were called off to some "urgent business". On a Friday afternoon. At 3.30pm.

I was left being 'interviewed' (slight misrepresentation of the truth) by a techie whose idea of management was someone who thought Java was a type of coffee bean, and C++ was a grade on your report card from high school. Hilarious.

Once he had exhausted all of his (2) questions and answered my several queries (poorly), he returned from his excursion to seek out the main big guy only to say he had been "called away to a meeting". Another senior person "that you really should be talking to" was going on holiday and this was his last day in the office, so he was really busy. As for the remaining names I had on my schedule to meet with, no mention.


Of course, everyone was terribly apologetic and they definitely want to reschedule and all meet with me, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I told the headhunter that should they want me to return for another meeting, they had better come up with a very valid reason as to why I might still be interested.

LCM -1
Prospective Employer - 0

A case of "null points", as Eurovision would have us say.


  1. Friday afternoon interviews - never a good idea! Better Luck next time. x

  2. Oooh. would have been livid. How very dare they. x

  3. How inconsiderate. (Or: prats!)


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