Tuesday, 6 October 2009

All in a name

Fresh from being wholeheartedly ignored by all of you who read the last post (visitors +100, comments 0) despite my plea request for some interactive discussion, I have to admit I feel much the same as Ladybird World Mother did last week.

No matters. Ignorance is bliss, as the saying goes.

However, this all coincided with an email out of the blue from a former colleague who wrote to notify me that she had been contacted by one of her clients who was enquiring about me. As she so elegantly put it, they were "using your married name. As I did not recognise it, I claimed never to have heard of you!"

Get the feeling I am being ignored in more ways than one. 


  1. I'm reading, I am! And I love your blog. Just didn't quite know what to say to your last post and thought, I'll think about it whilst I make supper and get back, and then burnt supper and someone bumped their knee and I never did.

    I hope that the client have been filled in and they now know who you are and why people think that you are a ghostly presence...

  2. Hello, hello - I'm here - reading and commenting! So sorry that you're feeling ignored. I still suffer from married name-itus - work colleagues knew me as one person and the rest of the world knows me as someone else. It's all far too confusing!

  3. with a hundred readers,and only two or three there by luck,you neednt worry,people are liking your blog and returning.

  4. Not ignored, just not commented on. I had the same earlier in the week. Four comments on a post I absolutely adored myself. Nevermind. Onwards.

    I didn't comment because I had absolutely nothing to say, and in addition to that I wasn't sure what you were asking suggestions for.

    (BTW - 100 readers? You're doing very well.)


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