Monday, 14 September 2009

Redundancy through a child's eyes

Children, bless 'em. Where would we be without them? Mortgage free most likely, but that is entirely beside the point.

So here is my daughter's take on 'Mummy's job situation':

Blossom - Can I have a new pair of gym shorts?
LCM - No.
Blossom - Is that because you do not have a job?
LCM - Yes.
Blossom - Can I get a new bike then?
LCM - Where did that come from? Absolutely not. Money does not grow on trees and there is nothing wrong with your current one.
Blossom - What if I have ten gold stars? (Note: we run a star chart in our family, have done so for last 4 years, still seems to work a treat)
LCM - Great, good for you, but I would still have to pay for it.
Blossom - So if I get ten gold stars I can have a new bike?
LCM - Did you just hear what I said?
Blossom - That you do not have a job?
LCM - Yes.
Blossom - But you will get another one?
LCM - Yes, hopefully.
Blossom - So then I can get a new bike?
LCM - I did not say that.
Blossom - And some new gym shorts?
LCM - Now that would be cheaper.
Blossom - And can we get a puppy? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?
LCM - No.
Blossom - (Friend's name) has a puppy.
LCM - Good for her.
Blossom - When you get a job can we get a puppy then?
LCM - No.
Blossom - When I am older? Like twelve?
LCM - Yes, when you and your brothers can feed, walk and care for a dog without adult supervision.
Blossom - Will you have a job then?
LCM - (mild swearing under breath) I would hope so.


  1. Mortgage free! Imagine. Wow.
    Bless her little heart... 'no ask, no get'. Every child's mantra!

  2. Exactly. Gotta ask. Wear them down. Eventually they will say yes and the 100 million times that they have said no won't count!


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