Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Here we go, here we go, here we go...

No, I have not suddenly turned in to a footie fanatic. Rugby has too much of a grip on our household for that to ever happen. That and my refrains of "Boooooooo-ring" when the whole of the UK comes to a standstill because a gaggle of pretty boys are running after a ball which they cannot touch with their hands. Goodness, about as exciting as watching paint dry. Yawn.

Anyway, I digress.

So the good news is that the phone has been ringing, emails with interesting job specs have been coming in (not many, granted, but it is early days yet), some interviews are starting to line up, and - most importantly - the next school mothers' night of revelry lined up. The outlook is bright!

Just one small(ish) problem. When I mentioned the last item to Other Half he reminded me - subtlety - that the date was also his birthday.


So now along with the title of Neglectful Mother, I can also add that of Forgetful Wife.

Dear me, anyone would think I was far too busy to remember such trivial matters. It would appear that the less time I spend in the office (ongoing farcical consultation period notwithstanding), the more items I have to fit in to any single day.

Now where did I put those memory pills...

P.S. any comments that attempt to usurp my personal views on football will be deleted
P.P.S. why? because I can hee hee hee hee... OMG here come the men in white coats again


  1. Am all of those... plus Useless Friend, Hopeless Daughter and Vague and Skint Aunt.
    When you find those memory pills, btw, can I have some? x (football is bollocks, but like the International ones because we all sit and shout and eat crisps. heaven)

  2. Football sucks. Good luck with the jobs!

  3. looks like you're partying way too much!! ...and btw don't feel sorry for other half's b'day... he can have the unique gift (and privilege) to be 'daddy of the year' for one night!!! :)


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