Monday, 21 September 2009

The ghosts of boyfriends past

Do you find that when you catch up with friends you have not seen (nor heard from) for over 20 years that your very cynical and extremely sarcastic streak suddenly becomes rather overbearing? Yes? I thought so.
Do you find that it also goes into overdrive when discussing details about an evening spent with past boyfriends from your teenage years? Aha, exactly!
What about the remarks as to who has improved/not changed/shown drastic signs of deterioration? Yes, all a laugh and a joke... until you wonder what they might be saying about you.

So - back after a short break sans entourage (that's "child-free" to those not in the know). Firstly, a huge thank-you to my generous hosts, Mrs Houston-Texas (you know who you are) and Mrs New Mum (who doesn't, English not being her first language she is unlikely to read this blog, let alone manage to comprehend it - no matter, I still love her dearly). And to Other Half of course who generously agreed to play sole child-minder for a weekend.

Friday night consisted of a fabulous reconvening of friends of old, a gathering of some 40 odd people who were thick as thieves from the ages of 15 onwards.  Many laughs as past events were remembered, funny incidents relived, and questions raised as to who was missing and why. Far too much food, amazingly little alcohol consumed (we counted the bottles the next day), and plenty of disco music from the 80s. My feet were sore by the end of the night (night? it was 5am when we got to bed), and my hostess had almost lost her voice from all the chatting/shouting above the noise.

And our summary of events:
- majority of the women have improved with age
- most of the men look exactly the same, give or take the odd grey hair and weight gain
- ex-boyfriends are either unchanged (giving you further insight as to why they were unsuitable even then) or so far the worse for wear that you truly wonder what you ever saw in them in the first place
- non ex-boyfriends, ie the ones you always fancied but never stood a chance with, are still single and decidedly intent on living the bachelor life... thus justifying why you were probably lucky first time round that they never succumbed to your charms

What also struck me as amusing was how all the men thought I was bonkers to be working full-time despite (or maybe because) having 3 young children, whilst all the women thought it was great. Explaining - or trying to at least, bit complicated in another language - about the status quo regarding redundancy did not seem to make much difference.

Although they all seemed to think this would mean I would visit far more often now. Hmmm... money trees anyone?

And as for the rest of the weekend - more catching up with friends and family and then spending equal amounts of time flying back and getting home from the airport. Crappy-air may be 'cheap' (I use the term loosely) and convenient, but it doesn't half take the fun out of flying when you feel like a teenager on a crowded disco dance floor, sandwiched between strangers and with music and adverts blaring at you from all directions, albeit at some 30,000 feet above sea level.

Age must be catching up with me in more ways than one.


  1. I find too many pretty boys grow up to be not-so-pretty-at-all men. Except for my pretty boy, of course. He's a yummy man now.

  2. Its always so strange to meet people after a long stretch of time... but such fun too! glad you had fun...apart from Crappy Air. Never fun at the best of times...

  3. it's truly true that time flies when you're having fun....
    the gossip afterwards is definitely one of the best part!
    looking at 'what happened after the 80's' i would say that we both got lucky with our 'other half' :)


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