Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Experimenting with titles

Our healthcare cover has changed providers with the new owners.
Whilst this is nothing new in itself (aside from the person I seem to have to deal with on the other end of the phone when making queries being persistently unhelpful, so much for 'previous medical history disregarded' being flagged as such a big selling point to us poor employees who actually have no say in the matter), it did mean that I had to follow the instructions on the internal email (see? I am trying to comply... even though it pains me) and log-on to my account to verify details....

My postcode was incorrect, so I amended this.

And then I thought, why stop there?

So from now on you may refer to me as 'Countess'.

I even got a letter in the post yesterday addressed accordingly, validating the changes made.

Yes, very childish, but oh so amusing :-)


  1. Hello Countess, can I have a new name please? Just over to say thankyou for following my blog, it's fab of you and I'm really flattered. x

  2. I've always wanted to be a Princess


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