Wednesday, 29 July 2009

So this is it...

The notion of writing down everyday observations and making an effort to be consistent about it has been bugging me for some time now. Ever since last catching up with some of the people who attended my same creative writing course last year at a book launch (by our much revered and highly admired teacher no less, Elise Valmorbida), and being asked variously "what are you working on", or "how is the rabbit story progressing" - more of which in due course - and so forth, the missing element (writing) has been on my mind.

Even my habit of jotting down anecdotes and composing amusing (well, I thought as much) short stories to read out during writing classes had waned somewhat. So much so that when I found myself this morning making comments out loud in broad daylight about a particular woman as I passed her on the street (trout pout, fly-eye glasses, pomeranian in the carry-bag), I knew the time had come.

Hence the blog. What better way to reignite the flame and get the creative juices going again?
I take inspiration from other friends who have blogs already and have had for some time now: Alice's one is both amusing and insightful, as well as offering me a quick means of keeping in touch with her despite the distance (she is in Hong Kong). Others provide distraction from the everyday (sometimes drab) proceedings that go with office life - more of this in due course as well, one thing at the time now - and many of the quirky stories lift spirits or lead to further exploration... of other blogs usually.

So here goes. This is probably more for my own benefit than anyone else's, but comments are welcome and suggestions always beneficial. Let's see how I fare....

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